Useful Resources for Lancair 235/320/360 Prospective Owner/Pilots

Image from one of Lancair’s promotional brochures for the aircraft, linked below. Credit to Lancair.

Just fired up a new site, and thought I would share some notes on the LNC2 type from learning to fly a Lancair 320 MKI.

The Lancair owner’s and builders group (LOBO) is a good starting point, with a bunch of resources, such as safety discussions, and a list of instructors in the type.

This /r/flying thread has notes on the type from a buyer’s perspective, such as the tradeoff of the cruise performance with poor handling and low useful load for various missions.

For procedures and getting experimental with the aircraft on your couch at home, nothing beats a good simulator that can be run on a standard laptop. I’m a big fan of X-Plane for its well developed flight model and playback/data display options. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a model of the LNC2, but there is a good model of the fixed gear Lancair Legacy available on It’s a similar enough type to get a feel for the LNC2 flow and flying style. The model has a really nice PFD, I did a lot of pattern work with a laptop and cheap joystick before moving to the real thing.

For video content, this video tour of race 36, Paul Downing’s racing 360, covers a lot of general topics like the trim in addition to racing stuff. Flying Doodles, a YouTuber who does reviews on all sorts of different types, also has a review of the type. Keith Smith has a bunch of solid content on his channel, particularly on XC in the aircraft.

For those interested in the stability and control issues of the small tailed version of the aircraft, and speed/safety modifications to the aircraft, Chris Zavatson has put together a small arsenal of reports he has written, as well as other’s work on the aircraft at his website here. His data collection and test flying on the type is damn impressive.

If you’re interested in the engineering of the aircraft, Martin Hollmann wrote two books about aircraft design that use the LNC2 as an example. Modern Aircraft Design is available on Scribd, as is Composite Aircraft Design, which discusses the structures.

The NASA paper on the design of the airfoil used in the wing is available from NTRS here.

Happy nerding/flying!

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